The Growth Opportunity that Most Advisors Miss

Media Coverage October 10, 2017

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Most asset managers know that environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are emerging mainstream finance metrics. More than half of global assets today, $59 trillion, are controlled by asset managers or owners who consider ESG factors.  The results are there, too: thousands of studies since 1970 show a positive relationship between ESG criteria and corporate financial performance.

But recent studies also reveal that individuals and asset owners are seeking ESG investment options at higher rates than financial advisors are offering them. Advisors that haven’t yet started offering sustainable investment options are missing the opportunity to connect more deeply with clients through understanding what’s important to them beyond the usual topics like retirement, education, and vacation homes.

So why aren’t more financial advisors seizing this growth opportunity? Three prevailing myths stand in the way of advisors viewing ESG factors as part of their fiduciary duty to clients.


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