Insight360 uses artificial intelligence to sift through millions of data points each month, delivering a robust, timely set of data and analyses on intangible factors that have a material impact on company and sector performance.

Company Research

Track ESG performance in real-time

Analyze company short and long-term performance across material ESG categories.

Compare company performance

See performance relative to a peer, a sector, an industry or a benchmark.

Dive deep into underlying event data

Choose a time period to see all the events that drove score changes and easily drill down to the original event data.

Portfolio Construction

Rank companies with short, medium and long-term scores

Construct portfolios that match your investment objective using timely rankings and ESG momentum scores.

Build custom lenses to meet your needs

Utilize SASB’s industry-leading materiality standards, or modify it to create your own custom lens to enable your investment strategy.

Download scores for easy integration

Export data via a CSV of any portfolio, watchlist or benchmark in order to integrate with your portfolio construction workflow.

Portfolio Analysis

Powerful visualizations to help you identify risks

Evaluate the performance of your portfolio across various modules: insight & momentum scores matrix, score distribution by weight, rankings, or top & bottom movers.

Track overall portfolio performance across material factors

View overall performance across key performance indicators and monitor client holdings. Filter for leading and lagging performers.

Drill down to analyze individual holdings within your portfolio

View individual holdings across multiple factors to better understand the drivers of performance.

Monitoring & Reporting

Start with a dashboard overview of all your portfolios

Stay current on Insight and Momentum scores plus significant events related to your portfolios in one simple view.

Get alerts for key company events

Set custom triggers for score changes to get real-time notifications and daily email alerts for companies that you want to track.

Download company reports on demand

Create on-demand customizable company reports to share with clients, colleagues, and corporations.

Our Partners

Apply the SASB framework

TruValue Labs is the first data and analytics provider to integrate the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s market-leading materiality standards. Leverage the SASB framework or choose the categories that match your own investment strategy.

Insight360 available on Thomson Reuters EIKON

Combine Thomson Reuter’s robust library of company-disclosed metrics with TruValue Labs timely events and scores, all viewed through SASB’s materiality framework.


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