ESG Investing

Don’t rely solely on disclosure-based, unverified ESG information. Companies show you ESG from “inside out.” Our solution gives you the perspective from “outside in.” Think of it as ESG2.0™: a more comprehensive approach to ESG analysis.

Uncover new sources of alpha

With deeper insights into a company performance and risks delivered in real time, you stand to gain an edge. Our solution makes it easy to integrate ESG factors into your investment analysis to support any type of strategy.

Leverage recognized material performance drivers

Ours is the first AI-powered solution that delivers analytics on ESG factors identified by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) as having a material impact on company value.

Stay on top of events that matter

Our ESG solution mines big data and applies artificial intelligence to analyze, track and score real ESG behavior. We analyze sentiment on companies based on data from over 75,000 sources, including news reports, regulatory and legal actions, government and NGO data, and more.

Optimize staff time and resources

Investment teams are hard pressed to deliver meaningful insights on the many companies they have to track. Our solution enables you to do more thorough analyses on more companies in less time, without adding staff.




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