Alternative Data

New world data is the massive amount of information on companies that wasn’t available just a few years ago. The trick is harnessing it, structuring it, and making sense of it. That is what our AI-powered solution enables you to do.

Tap into a world of new data

The vast majority of data available on companies is unstructured. By bringing structure to just a fraction of that data through artificial intelligence, our solution delivers unprecedented investment insights.

Uncover new sources of alpha

New world signals coming from unstructured Big Data are helping generate an ever-increasing percentage of alpha. Our solution can help you separate the signals from the noise and uncover opportunities to outperform.

Make more fully informed decisions

Managers who make decisions based primarily on balance sheet and earnings data are missing the bigger opportunity. Shine a light on the intangible factors that drive the majority of company value to make better decisions.

Differentiate your business

Increasingly, success is going to managers who embrace data and analytics to deliver sustained performance. Stay in the forefront of a rapidly changing market by integrating intangible factors into your investment process.

Insight360 Data

Insight360 Data



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